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Saas Backup Login

Dear all,


We purchased 15 licenses for SaaS backup a few days ago. I created a Veritas account (obviously). I can see the entitlement in VEMS, but when I try to login to as described in the Veritas SaaS Backup User Guide I get a "Login or password is incorrect" error message. The credentials I use are the same as in my Veritas account.

Could someone please guide me as to how or where I can create the neccessary credentials for SaaS Backup login?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Saas Backup Login


You cannot use your Veritas VEMS account.

It needs to be a valid Office 365 account with the Global administrator role.

See this section in the Veritas SaaS Backup User Guide O365:

Preparing your Office 365 account
Before you set up Veritas SaaS Backup for Office 365, do the following to prepare
your Office 365 account to ensure that backups can be performed correctly:
■ Create a dedicated account for backups, with the Global administrator role
enabled. This account must be a licensed account.
Note: The Global administrator role is required to enable Veritas SaaS Backup
to obtain full access to your data. Without the Global administrator role, Veritas
SaaS Backup cannot back up all data. Only the Global administrator role can
be used. Any other administrator role in Office 365 cannot be used.
■ (Optional) Create a dedicated backup group that includes all user accounts.
Having all users in one dedicated backup group makes it easier to set up


Re: Saas Backup Login

Thank you Marianne for your answer, but this was not the problem I was facing.

My problem was, that I could not login to Veritas SaaS Backup in the first place. We did not receive login credentials, nor an actuall link to login to. As I later found out, the link mentioned in the Veritas SaaS Backup User Guide (which I thouroughly read before doing anything) was not the correct one.

Anyway, this issue was finally resolved with the help of Veritas support, although it proved to be a surprisingly tricky one.