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Resolved! Howto know who is generating the I/O

Environment OS = Linux Redhat 6.2 Disk/Volume Manager = Veritas Storage Foundation(not LVM) Storage Foundation version = 6.0 with RP1 Physical Disks = Three DIsk 1 = This Disk is only for OS which is not under control of Storage Foundation DIsk2 ...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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One mountpoint got hung during switchover

Hi ,  We have an issue where is a zone where hung in shutting down mode. And we are unable to switchover the service group because one mountpoint.  The solution we did reboot the global zone, but it still didn't work.The CFS resources were failed to...

raunaz by Level 4
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Resolved! how can list of mountpoint can be display using cfsmntadm

Hi All,   Is there any one can help me? I have 4 server already been configured using veritas cluster and this server already production. i wanna get my list of mountpoint can be display using command "cfsmntadm display". based on my knowledge this c...

dh3kan by Level 3
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Resolved! VxVM VVR vradmin ERROR V-5-52-803 Lost connection to host x.x.x.x_SecondaryHost; terminating command execution VxVM VVR vradmin ERROR V-5-52-802 cannot start command execution on Secondary

Environment OS = Linux Redhat 6.2 Storage Foundation version = 6.0 with RP1 NIC's = two  ..  One NIC(eth0) for users access and second NIC(eth1) is dedicated to replication. connectivity = Both primary and secondary site nodes can ping successfully P...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! tutil0 - ATT1 lock on volume - may i vxmend?

Hi all, I have a problem on a server which we are migrating. A vxevac session was CTRL-C'd (for reasons not important), about 10 seconds after launching the vxevac command. ^CCaught interrupt signal VxVM vxsd ERROR V-5-1-407 Attempting to cleanup af...

Resolved! status online thinrclm vxvm

Hi!!! I have a question that does not mean the status of the disks were added to the platform disk and initialize the set with that status regards ardata0_424 auto:cdsdisk    3pardata0_424  descargasdg  online 3pardata0_1088 auto            -      ...

Resolved! rootdisk is failing and rootmirror is out of sync

Hi all, I have encapsulated my rootdisk and rootmirror under vxvm long time ago, now the root disk is shown as failing when I execute "vxdisk list" and also I discovered that after my last reboot 3 weeks ago , the rootvol-02 (rootmirror disk) is out ...

grigori by Level 5
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Resolved! License and server migration

Hi Guys,    I have a SUN 6500 with Storage Foundation standar license, this server is going to be migrated to a M8000. Can I use the same license on SUN M8000 ? or I need to pay for an upgrade or a new license?   Regards

Resolved! Specify resource name when adding resources using cfsmntadm

Hi, Is this at all possible? I can specify the service group but I see no way of actually specifying the mount resource name in VCS. It just creates mounts called cfsmount1, cfsmount2 etc. Currently, i'm using something like: cfsmntadm add oracledg v...

subs by Level 4
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Resolved! SAN disks on Solaris in error state and cannot get initialised

Hi   I zoned some SAN disks to a Solaris 10 host but am unable to initialise the devices. The status is error  #VXDISK list output bash-3.00# vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS disk_0       auto:cdsdisk    dat...

Resolved! hagrp flush and probe

Hi , I was reading abt hagrp -flush when troubleshooting problems on service group and rsources and was not able to understand when we would be using this hagrp -flush  and use of probe? I t would be great if somebody could  explain with some example...

shiv124 by Level 4
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VXFS Stripe Write Distribution Across All Luns

We have 40 TB VXFS 4 way Striped File System (40 Luns, 10 Luns in each column) and we observed that during writes only one lun each column. Since this is a striped file system we are expecting all Luns will be hit when we perform the operations on th...

Resolved! Required Info Storage Foundation exam

I would like to give the (SNIA) SAN fundamental online EXAM could you please someone guide about changes in exam for CompuITA and powered by SNIA. from Jan 2012 i am confuse about syllabus. is this the same syllabus covered from SAN Basic fundamental...

Shekhar_D by Level 4
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Best of Vision on Demand

Didn't make it to Symantec Vision this year? Couldn't make it to all the sessions you wanted to? Need to review something you learned during a session? No problem. This year we are bringing some of the insight and innovation highlights to you. Check ...

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! QDepth tuneup for DMP

Hi Am I right thinking setting the following in /etc/system which sets the QDepth and IO Timeout globally for the HBA's  set sd:sd_io_time=0x3c   set sd:sd_max_throttle=8   can be controlled at array level using vxdmpadm as per these tunable paramete...

Kumaran by Level 3
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How to find the LUN size with veritas commands ?

HI , How to find out the LUN size for this disk emc0_1364   Here is the vxdisk list output vxdisk list emc0_1364 Device:    emc0_1364 devicetag: emc0_1364 type:      auto hostid:    eusdlsdb005.logistics.corp disk:      name=dgBNLDBD_ind03 i...

shiv124 by Level 4
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