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Resolved! SuSE SLES and NETAPP LUN's. How yo grow them?

Hi everyone, Please bear with what might be a very simple question here. We have a SuSE SLES 11 server which is connected via HBA's to a LUN on a NETAPP filer. This LUN is say 500GB in size and is part of a disk group we have called rootdg, Multipath...

How to install SF cluster in VMs

Hi, I have a Sun fire X4150 servers with 2 physical disks, I want to install and configure veritus cluster HA inside the VMs. Can you please help me out how to install and configure the SF cluster in VMs. However I don’t have the external storage als...

santanu by Level 3
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Resolved! Disk group import failed vxvm 5.1

Hi Is there any way to downgrade Vxdg version. Actually I did upgrade vxdg version on VxVM 5.1 but couldn't upgrade the file system from version 5 to Version 7. so I uninstalled vxvm and installed vxvm 5.0. I can see all the dgs which I didn't upgrad...

Resolved! Configuration copies disabled

Hi, I executed the command "vxdg list dg" and saw that the configuration copies on most of the disks were in "disabled" state. Only 5 disks had the copies in enabled state except 20. Is this right? Shouln't the copies on all disks be in enabled state...

Jbert by Level 4
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Resolved! VxFS version 5

Hi   We have just uninstall 3.5 and install 5.1. I am able to see all the disk groups but when I am trying to mount the volumes I am getting given below error UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-21270: /dev/vx/dsk/fsdg02/exp1vol disk image is incompatible with...

A Whole New Look: Welcome to the new Symantec Connect

We've just launched our redesigned Symantec Connect site. To view a short video that describes the changes to the site, you can check out: We hope you like it. Thanks for participatin...

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! VEA Server has failed to start

When trying start vxsvcctl (vea) I'm getting error "VEA Server has failed to start..." In log file /var/vx/isis/vxisis.log I have found error listed below: Log file /var/vx/isis/vxisis.log is being appended, not overwritten czw 09 wrz 2010 11:57:54 ...

umichal by Not applicable
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Resolved! Disk Failure in Shared Disk Group configuration!!!

Hi Experts, If we create a shared disk group with detach policy as 'local' and fail policy as 'leave', what will be the consequences if a disk on which a mirrored plex is situated, fails or corrupts fully. That is, the disk now is wiped out. I have...

Jbert by Level 4
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Resolved! cbr record of re-created disk group

We have a system which suffered multiple power failures in last 18 months. One of the oracle backup file system,which has it's own disk group, failed to mount in last a few power failures. Further check, the disk group record in the /etc/vx/cbr/* dir...

Migrating Oracle RAC database to new SAN storage

I have used mirroring in the past to migrate from old SAN storage to new SAN storage with Oracle databases running and no downtime.  I need to do this again, however the environment is different.  This time I have Oracle RAC using raw connections (no...

Resolved! Is fscat an unsupported tool? backup and recovery....

I have found the tools seems to be as good as "dd" for snapshot vxfs filesystem. but the man page does not document the proper restore method. if it can read the vxfs out and stored as a file. Then it is possible to do "fs-based" (or nearly-raw) ba...

Resolved! Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 licensing

Hi all! I'm in the middle of procuring a few new servers, which will need Veritas Storage Foundation standard on them. I've been getting outrageous quotes from the vendor and also some confusing cost tiering information. So I thought you experts mig...

posie80 by Level 4
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Resolved! Data Migration to new storage.

Hi I have VxVM3.5 and we are planning to migrate the data to new storage. As per my knowledge we need to add newdisk to existing dg and then we need to do vxmirror i.e /usr/sbin/vxassist -g <dgname> mirror <volumename> alloc=newdisk1,newdisk2.  we ...

Resolved! Seamless Veritas volume migration

Hi all, I appreciate if any of you can offer me some advice on the following : I have some Veritas volumes that are currently residing on local disks and I would to migrate these volumes to SAN. Since these volumes are oracle data volumes and its al...

posie80 by Level 4
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