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ApplicationHA (for VMware) and Symantec High Availability Solution: Product Selection panel does not list any products when installing through vSphere Client integrated menu

Level 4

During the installation of ApplicationHA (for VMware) or Symantec High Availability guest components through the vSphere Client, the Product Selection panel may fail to list any products. 

This issue occurs if you install the ApplicationHA or the Symantec High Availability Console using platform-specific installation media and install the guest components on a virtual machine on another platform.

To resolve the issue, you must copy the platform-specific guest installation package on the Console host.

For more information, refer to the following topics:

For ApplicationHA

Copying the platform-specific guest components installation package 

For Symantec High Availability guest components

Copying the platform-specific guest components installation package

Symantec ApplicationHA and Symantec High Availability Solutions documentation for other platforms and releases can be found on the SORT website.