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Can the classic VCS wizards configure a VMwareDisks resource?

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No, the classic VCS wizards (VCS cluster configuration and application service group configuration wizards) do not configure a VMwareDisks resource.  

A VMwareDisks resource is configured only when you configure a VCS cluster using the Veritas High Availability Solution for VMware. 

The Veritas High Availability solution for VMware employs Cluster Server (VCS) and its agent framework to monitor the state of applications and their dependent components running on the virtual machines that use non-shared storage. The non-shared storage configuration involves the VMware VMDK and RDM disks that reside on the shared datastore. This datastore is accessible to multiple virtual machines. However, the disks are attached to a single virtual machine at any given point of time. 

The Veritas High Availability Solution provides a VCS cluster configuration wizard that configures the following agents:

  • If the storage is managed using SFW, the MountV, VMNSDg, and VMwareDisks agents are used.
  • If the storage is managed using LDM, the Mount, NativeDisks, and VMwareDisks agents are used.

For more details about Veritas High Availability solution, and how to configure application monitoring, refer to the respective application configuration guide on the SORT Website.

For more details about VMwareDisks resource and agent attributes, see:

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