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SFHA Solutions: File compression using Veritas Operations Manager 5.0

Level 3

You can use file compression to decrease the size of the Veritas Operations Manager files and thus reduce the amount of disk space used by the files. Veritas Operations Manager lets you view the disk space saved by viewing the Savings by File System Compression report. Compression does not affect the accessibility of the files and is transparent to applications.

In Veritas Operations Manager, you can compress and uncompress directories on Veritas File System (VxFS file systems). For information on file compression features in Veritas Operations Manager, see:
About file compression in Veritas Operations Manager

Administrative tasks for compressing files and directories using Veritas Operations Manager include:

For more information on File Compression using Veritas Operations Manager, see the Veritas Operations Manager Management Sever Administrator’s Guide.

Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases can be found on the SORT website.