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InfoScale and SFHA Solutions: Checking VCS logs on cluster

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Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) generates two types of logs: the engine log and agent-specific log. The engine log contains information about cluster-level operations, while the agent-specific log contains node-specific information about the agent. Log file names are appended by letters; A indicates the first log file, B the second, and C the third. After three files, the oldest file is removed and another file is created. For example, if engine_A.log is filled to its capacity, it is renamed as engine_B.log and the engine_B.log is renamed as engine_C.log. In this example, the oldest file is engine_C.log and therefore it is removed. You can update the size of the log file using the LogSize cluster level attribute.

The engine log is located at /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log. The agent log is located at /var/VRTSvcs/log/agentname_A.log.

Until VCS 6.2, the VCS agent logs that are implemented using script and C/C++ language were divided between the engine log file and agent log file respectively. If an agent’s entry points (for example, online, offline, monitor, clean) are written in shell script or Perl, the log information is added to the engine log; the log information for C-based entry points is added to the agent log. From VCS 6.2 on, agent-specific information is logged to the agent log. You can change the logging behavior using the LogViaHalog attribute.

If debug logging is turned off, the First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) logs are useful to analyze the issues that require professional support. When the VCS engine, command server, or any of the VCS agents encounter issues, the FFDC logs are generated and dumped along with other core dumps and stack traces to the following location:

  • For VCS engine: $VCS_DIAG/diag/had
  • For Command Server: $VCS_DIAG/diag/CmdServer
  • For VCS agents: $VCS_DIAG/diag/agents/type, where type represents the specific agent type.

The default value for variable $VCS_DIAG is /var/VRTSvcs/.

If you use the Java Console, you can also check the Logs dialog box by going to Cluster Explorer, the View menu, and clicking Logs, or on the Cluster Explorer toolbar by clicking Show the Logs.

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