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Veritas InfoScale 7.0 (Linux and Windows): Changes in Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware

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With the introduction of the Veritas InfoScale 7.0 product family, Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) for VMware is now included as a component in the Veritas InfoScale Foundation, Storage, and Enterprise products. The license for this component is included as a part of the InfoScale license on both Linux and Windows. You can either use the Linux license or the Windows license to enable DMP functionality on the ESXi hypervisor.

The DMP for VMware component consists of the following:

  • vSphere offline DMP bundle — DMP components installed on the ESXi hypervisor
  • vSphere UI plug-in — Installed on a Windows physical machine or on a virtual machine and serves as an interface between ESXi and vCenter
  • Remote CLI package — Optional command-line interface to manage ESXi hosts from a Linux system or a Windows system

The components can be installed using the command line or the VMware vSphere Update Manager.

To install the Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware component on ESXi hosts, use one of the following:

  • Veritas_InfoScale_Dynamic_Multi-Pathing_7.0_VMware.iso

For more information on installing the DMP for VMware component, refer to the Dynamic Multi-Pathing 7.0 Installation Guide - VMware ESXi

From this release onwards:

1) DMP for VMware supports SanDisk (FusionIO) PCIe attached SSD cards.
2) The DMP plug-in for the VMware vCenter web client:

  • Displays I/O rate as a line graph.
  • Displays the mapping of LUNs and VMDKs used by a virtual machine.
  • Has a SmartPool tab for a virtual machine for easy configuration of SmartPool assigned to it.
  • No longer requires ESXi login credentials in the Manage Device Support page.

For more information about the features and enhancements, refer to the Dynamic Multi-Pathing 7.0 Administrator's Guide - VMware ESXi.


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