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BESR 2010 Consolidation issues

So... Pulling my hair out here...


I have multiple clients that we recently moved to using BESR 2010 (Backup Exec System Recovery 2010). Everything was a breeze to setup and I really like the setup for the size of our customers...



My problem is... after a few weeks of being on the PC's the software seems to have "Forgotten"? what has been backed up and what has been deleted by its automatic consolidation features.


On multiple servers EVERY night the backup job will complete just fine, but I get 500 emails about restore points (that are LONG AGO deleted by the software) saying they are being deleted, and also that it cannot retrieve a list of images. I will copy the email below.


Date: 2/16/2011 21:03:12 PM
Notification Type: Info
Priority: High
Description: Info 6C8F043D: Recovery point [Main Backup]\Brumley Full Backup\BrumleyServer_C_Drive004.v2i deleted to comply with the number of recovery points to save for each drive.
	Error E98F000A: Cannot retrieve list of Images.


Mind you when I check the backup drive it is onto a number much higher than this by now, and also ALL the jobs EVERY night show the SAME restore points being deleted...



Any help MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

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I'd file a case with

I'd file a case with Symantec.

Any updates here ?

Any updates here ?

Have you resolved the issue ?

Have you resolved the issue ?