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BESR Custom SRD boot problem

Level 2
Hi i can not boot from my new created custom SRD CD, the origanl cd boot's
Any idea ?
I followed this :
Best regards,
Hi guys,
Just my two cents...  When I first attempted this, it was on a DL380 G5, no optical drives installed or attached.  I figured out of course that was the problem, however we frequently work with BL-p class blade servers as well so I found a little work around.  I am happy to post it here for everyone as well:
Create a Custom Recovery Disk
1.  Launch the BESR Application.
2.  Click File and select Create Recovery Disk.
3.  Click Next.
4.  Source Location
 a.  Mount the standard Recovery Disk using an application such as Daemon Tools.
 b.  Select that mounted image and click Next.
5.  Driver Comparison Results
 a.  Select Custom and click Next.
6.  Drivers to Include
 a.  Click the Add button and add in any necessary drivers.
 b.  When completed, click Next on the Drivers to Include screen.
7.  At this point you will get an Error.
 a.  ** DO NOT CANCEL **
 b.  Press the error’s OK button.
 c.  Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the current user’s Temp folder.
  i.  Example:
   1.  C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
  ii.  You will be looking for an oddly named folder.  Example:
   1.  b3295a85-fe7f-49a5-9e46-58538e0338b1
  iii.  Inside of that folder will be another folder named:  SRD
  iv.  Copy the contents of that SRD folder to your Laptop or another device with an attached CD        Burner.
  v.  Close Windows Explorer
 d.  Click the Cancel button.
8.  Create an ISO image file from the copied contents of the SRD folder.
 a.  Use an application such as UltraISO to create an ISO.
 b.  Once this ISO has been created, use either UltraISO or another Burning application to burn the contents      of the ISO to a CD-ROM.
 c.  The CD-ROM is now bootable and contains your updated drivers.

Level 2
Hi I found a solution for this :
-start the modifiablesrd.exe from a client machine c:\program files\symantec\backup Exec System recovery\Agent
- Be sure you click Custom on the driver comparison window
- add the drivers you need
- Be sure you provide a short lable name and short iso file and save it to the default location (c:\documents and settings\%username%\my Documents and finish.
Problems i had before was the location where i writed the iso to (c:\temp) and the label name (to long so i provided a label name eg. CUSTOMSRD)
Best regards,