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Bootable USB Hard Drive

Level 2
Is it possible to create a bootable USB Hard Drive as a system recovery disk? I can create bootable USB memory sticks but would like to do the same with a USB hard drive.

Level 6
never tried one before but so far yes with 16 GB USB drive I was able to make it bootable after formatting it with FAT32 tools.

Level 6
This depends entirely on the motherboard and whether it supports USB booting or not.  The more modern the hardware, the more likely this is possible.  

Level 3

If you can do it with a usb stick you will be able to do it with a usb hdd.

Level 2
Yes.  I would like to boot the BE 2010 SRD from an external USB hard disk.  I tried the same procedure that creates a bootable USB memory stick but it did not work with the hard disk.  When I tried to boot from the hard disk there was no boot device available.