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Migrating Symantec System Recovery 2013 Server Edition

Hi, I am currently deploying a new Windows 08 server that I plan on migrating my existing Symantec System Recovery backups/jobs over to. The Servers are the same OS/x64 and will have the same version of SSR2013 Version


My question is this; we are not using the SSR:Management Solution, just the console on one server so it doesn't appear to have or be using an SQL database. (SQL not installed on local server, no where in the console points to any other database). The issue I am having is after I move the backups to the new server it does not recognize that these jobs have been running for the last 5 weeks and wants to treat these as new jobs. Is there a best-practice or white papers on a system migration or is this behavior normal when migrating?


Thank you

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New Server means new

New Server means new backups.


Any questions still open?

Any questions still open?