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Restore file server data drive to new hardware incremental

Level 2

Hi all

OK here the plan I trying to Restore/ upgrade a windows 2000 file server to a windows 2003 server


have built os driver and installed all patches

windows 2003 new server

now I want to be able to Restore the data drive from the old windows 2000 server have copped over the share reg and the security reg file to recreate the share and security.


but the problem I have is time I need to be able to do a incremental Restore of the data drive from the windows 2000 server to the new windows 2003 server as a full Restore take over 11 hours and is prone to fail  I have tested this a few time and got it to do a fall custom Restore of the drive but can't find a way to now do a incremental Restore of the drive


So that the back ground 

the Question is how do you do a incremental Restore of the data drive from one server to a new server any thought or views welcome.



Level 5

To restore an incremental you must have its full recovery point set that it is attached to.


I would create a full backup of the Windows 2000 server. Next install BESR on the new Windows 2003 server and use the recovery point browser to mount the backup you just created.


You then have the option browse the recovery point and choose to restore whatever files you would like.