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Restoring a full image of a physical machine into Hyper-V

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I would like to find out if SSR 2013 can perform the below. 

We have three physical machine running Windows Server 2008 with various roles. eg Domain Controller. We would like to implement a disaster recovery solution that will be able to perform the below:

With SSR 2013 have 3 full system images to an external storage. 

Recover the Domain Controller image to a spare system. Then once that has been recovered, load the remain two images into Hyper V.

Would SSR 2013 be able to perform that? 

Thank you


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Yes, SSR can achieve that.

When restoring to Hyper-V, you have 2 options:

  1. Convert the recovery points to VHD format and then attach those to an existing virtual machine
  2. Create a virtual machine in Hyper-V and attach the .iso for the recovery disk. Boot off the recovery disk and perform a restore in the same way you would with any physical server

Hope that helps.

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Hello Chris

Thank you for your reply. That does help me.

Have a great day