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Restoring from a previous back up - instructions/help needed


Please excuse me but I am not too clued up on this system as I have not long started with the company.


Our system is backed up to seperate portable hard drives (F drive) and we are now having to restore back to 29th June 2015 due to an issue that has occurred within our accounting system.


We have located some information online that guides us through the process but it does not seem to be working!  We have selected the back up that needs restoring and catalogued this. We then went onto the restore tab and selected 'run now'. However, when checking the system, it hasnt restored.


My guess is that when we are selecting 'run now' we may only be running the 'catalogue' and not actually the restore.


Can anyone supply any detailed instructions on how to do this restore please?


Many thanks in advance.




PS. I have guessed the SSR 2011 because I am not at work at the moment and havent got a clue!

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Have you checked the Symantec

Have you checked the Symantec System Recovery User Guide?

also, some of the terms you used almost sound more like a Backup Exec restore...

It maybe a Backup Exec

It maybe a Backup Exec restore i'm not sure.


Looking at the manual, nothing seems to be appropriate unless this is due to my misunderstanding of how the system works.

The manual appears to be connected with recovery which i interpret as being different from the restore,. I am most likely wrong.

Open the console to verify

Open the console to verify whether this is Symantec System Recovery or Backup Exec.  

It states Backup Exec. We

It states Backup Exec.


We found some instructions on Monday and followed them but it is still saying there are 5 tasks outstanding (we attempted this a number of times, hence the 5 scheduled tasks waiting!). This is what we did:-


1. Connected the device from where we want to restore. This is a portable hard drive.

2. We went to Devices tab on the Backup Exec console

3. Right clicked on the Backup to Disk folder and ran the inventory

4. Once the inventory was completed, we right clicked again on the Backup to Disc folder and run a catalogue.

5. I think then we selected the Restore tab and clicked Run Now


This is just queuing more jobs and not actually restoring.  It is obvious that we are not completing the task otherwise it would restore back to the date we require but with very little knowledge and understanding of how the system works, we do not want to try anything else just in case we totally mess up the system.

By the way, the system we are

By the way, the system we are running is extremely old. Looking at the Backup Exec disc, it has Version 10.D on it. Not sure if this helps!

since this is Backup Exec the

since this is Backup Exec the post should be moved to the Backup Exec forums.

also is the Date Range correct in the restore job?











The issue has been resolved

The issue has been resolved now.

We restored the data to a seperate folder to retain the current information then selected the data that we needed to restore which was the Nominal Ledger on the accounting system as this was corrupt.

Thank you for your help and assistance.

Lucky you! So please mark

Lucky you! So please mark this post as solved please!

solved hahah

solved hahah