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SSR 2013 doesn't backup unless logged on

The new 2013 version will no longer run the scheduled backup unless the user is logged on.    Even when the user is logged on the program always asks first if it should run the backup NOW!  Isn't that the point of having a schedule in the first place.  If you don't click yes to run now, I believe  it doesn't run.  I could be wrong about that and it may default to yes.

Anyway when nobody is logged on, how do you make it always run backups?


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Where does the backup run

Where does the backup run ?

Have you provided login details on the Destination page ?


It runs to a USB connected

It runs to a USB connected drive.  The manage backup destination screen only allows Monitor disk space for useage and automatically optimize storage.   The only login details is under the Define backup wizard - then Options - then advance options.  There I use a password with AES encryption enabled.  Other than that I don't see anything else to cause it to ask to run or to be logged on to run.


UPDATE !!  I changed the password and today it ran without asking to run now!   The user was logged on at the time.  Over the next week I will see if it will run when nobody is logged on.

I seems to be working again

I seems to be working again now even when logged off.  It is not asking to backup now when someone is logged on.  All I did was to reenter the password and confirm it.   I can't explain why this happened.  I had updated from 2011 on 8/25.  The user passwords on the machine changed just days before it started, to the best of my recollection, but the security password had never been changed for the backups.     ???

Just an update to this one

Just an update to this one time issue.  SSR 2013 started the same thing again today.  It had been failing to run on recent days.  It it ran on Friday, failed to run at all on Thursday, and was asking for a confirmation on whether to run today, normally it just starts as scheduled.  I did make a slight change to the backup job last week also, but I don't know for sure if it was 7 or 10 days ago.  So I just went in and reentered the password and confirmed it again to see if this takes care of the issue.  I didn't change the password just re-entered it.  Is anybody else having this issue?  I will report back later this week to confirm it is working as it should without asking for user confirmation to run.