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SSR2013 Restore-want to make sure I select correct drive

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Greetings.  I am pretty familiar with SSR2013 having used it since Ghost went away.  However most of my restores have been bare metal bootup restores or file only restores.

Now I need to do a restore for a secondary drive from wtihin the windows environment.  I need to use the windows environment as I am using a USB3 3GB drive that the bootup disc cannot access.  My concern is once I put in the new drive I will have 2 identical non-O/S drives.  One with data, one unformatted.  So I am looking for some comfort that it will be painfully obvious from within the SSR2013 windows restore wizard which 2GB drive I should select! :)

I assume since I am within the windows environment my current live 2GB drive should display with it's windows "name" and regular drive letter? So it would be obvious to NOT select this one.

And the new drive should just show up as an unformatted drive with some generic name? Which would make sure I select the right one.

I guess a failsafe would be to run some program that accesses a file on my drive with data on it because SSR2013 would say it was "in use".

As an aside it would be nice to see a video of the restore wizard screen by screen so you can see it in action.  Of course I have the manuals and tech bulletins but it would be cool to see it.

When you have 4 drives, over the years I have learned to be VERY careful so you don't lose data when doing restores.

Thanks for the help!




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Sorry, I couldn't find an "edit" button.   Last ime I did a restore to a 2GB drive from the bootup environment and chose "re-size", it put my data at the end fo the drive and put blank space at the beginning.  Is it safe to choose "resize" from within the windows environment?  Or should I just not resize it and and expand the drive in windows disk management which is what I did last time.




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Upgrade to SSR 2013 R2 for full 4K sector size support. Is this an option? If not: 

Yes, during the restore process, if you choose to not resize, you can use Windows Disk Management to resize the new volume. 

If you want to be 100% sure that you are restoring to the correct drive, shutdown the system and remove the data and power cable to the drive that you do not want to restore to. Hence, SSR should only see the OS drive and the drive you put in.


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I did upgrade to R2....and created a new SSR 2013 R2 boot disc.  And when I tested the boot disc the 3TB WD USB3 drive I wanted to use for my restore was visible.  And there it was, SSR even labeled it.  It really was there!

So I made a backup to that external drive with the windows version.

However, a few days later now that I actually have the new drive installed and used the boot disk to try to read that image to restore to the new drive, the external drive and image would NOT appear!  ("SSR cannot find any resore points" and I could not browse to the external drive either) I rebooted....I made sure that it was plugged in before I rebooted...etc.  Nothing I could do could get that drive to appear.

So, it appears the 4K/USB3  support is not consistent and very frustrating.

Any suggestions?  I guess I don't have much comfort imaging to a larger 4k USB3 drive if the restore recognition is spotty.  And yes it was plugged in when I created my boot disk.

Thanks for any suggestions.