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Symantec 2010 Backup Exec System Recovery - Two disks


We have a problem with System Recovery 2010. Our customer is swapping external USB disk every monday, but when the disk is swapped, it can't find the backup destination. Probably because of the "name" of the disk. The one disk is named "Hitachi", the second "Hitachi (2)". Since I can't name the both disks Hitachi, it can't find it when they're swapped. Is there a way to configure System Recovery to only use drive letters, instead of names?

Thanks in advance!

- Peter
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Did you find a solution to this one?


Did you find a solution to this one? Also, why can't you name the two disks the same name?





Hello Peter,

Backup Exec will always use the drive letter when taking the backups to external USB drive. When you create the backup job and select the destination , i am sure you are entering the drive letter of that usb drive... Something like "x:\backup" ..... So if both your drive has same drive letter after swapping then BESR will be able to take the backups on those drives. If in case you are using drive name anywhere then may I know where are you putting that name...??? Thanks, -Sush...

There is a solution

I know I did get an article or email from Symantec about BE2010 and rotating USB drives for backup and removing backup data off sight but sorry cant find the info.