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CW 7.1.2 Slowing down


We've an issue with CW 7.1.2 slowing down after a few (2-3) hours of working. A single user is Tagging on search results. After a while, the results are shown slower and slower.

The screen switches to the result view and the please wait is showing up. The number of hits is shown but the please wait is shown for more than 60 Minutes.

After restarting CW, we're back on regular speed.

Any Idea where to look at ?


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This could be a number of

This could be a number of items. My first thought is the free space on drive D. If there is insufficient free space for the temp cache to be stored as it renders the content to be viewed it could try to render real time in memory which may cause slowness in the performance.


Check the free space on drive D when the system seems to be running slow.


If that is not the issue then I would recommend working with support to troubleshoot the issue as rebooting is not an acceptable solution

Hi Liam on the D Drive is

Hi Liam

on the D Drive is more than 3.5 TB Free Space. I do have 64 Cores and around 150 GB RAM. Even when the user complain, there is only 25 % of the physical memory used and I can see no IO and Network.

It look like the search has been finished but can't be send to the frontend for some reason. According to the Virus Guide, I've switched of the McAffee On Access scan for the directories but I guess, there are still some scans going on.

Is the Brava rendering in a special Directory.

Sure I'll contact support, but I would like to collect as many information upfront. Can't find anything in the logs yet.



First do a test by disabeling

First do a test by disabeling your AV and see if it still happens