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Common Services Error

After trying to process a Hold collection the process finished but get this error:

[#80000] common services error : unable to open csv file - \\server-FQDN\d$\cw\v81\scratch\temp\esadb\datastore_case_xxxx\attindexdir\scancomplete\sc_numberxxxx_0.csv

I saw the TECH229202 article and thought it would be the same but after looking closely the directory does not contain the directory after \\server-FQDN\d$\cw\v81\scratch\temp\esadb\datastore_case_xxxx\, there is no attindexdir\scancomplete\ directories.

Any ideas?


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Hello R.P.R, To confirm, you

Hello R.P.R,

To confirm, you accessed the machine locally using the unc path with the fqdn as opposed to checking via the D drive? It might be that it never managed to put the files in the folder if it was using the UNC path if it fails, the same as the technote.