What happens after IE 11?

IE 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer. What is the plan for Clearwell after IE 11 support ceases?  I have been inquiring as to when Clearwell will receive multi-browser support and the answer was always "the next version".  Same answer for five + years...

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Re: What happens after IE 11?

you're absolutely right and i'm hopeful that this is actively being addressed. veritas has a great vision for a new client that will be more universal across the various archiving and edisco products. however, i'm not aware of any end of life of IE11, are you?

Re: What happens after IE 11?

Hi @robby818 and @AndrewB ,

I know that this post is somewhat old and you mentioned we always say " the next version" but I wanted to briefly acknowledge that baring any issues you can look forward to multi-browser support coming real soon and to be expanded in future versions Robot wink


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