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Storage Foundation vs VMWare and RDM's

Hi We need to share a disk between a physical server and a Virtual server. My Proposed solution - use Storage Foundation to share the RDM disk between the physical and virtual server. However our VMware team are completely against using RDM's. They s...

Resolved! Multiple Shares issue

We have four Windows 2008 R2 SP1 SFW 5.1 HA clusters haring Files. The all have same configuration in terms of service pack, version of SFW 5.1 CP8 and Windows 2008 R2 SP1 however the way sharing works differ between these clusters. If SFW creates a ...

Veritas und windows iscsi initiator

Hi all, i have only one question, I have Veritas Enterprise Administrotor 3.2 running on my Windows 2003 Cluster with some volumes. Now i would like to install microsoft iscsi initiator to present a nas to the cluster, it is possible? or there are an...

mghomer by Level 6
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Resolved! Using SFHA on Windows, under VMware

We are considering options for clustering Windows (2k3R2, 2k8R2, X64) nodes that are actually VMware VMs (ESX 4.1).  Is there documentation that describes setting this up, and what limitations might exist?  For example, does using cluster effectively...

Gornak by Not applicable
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Resolved! SFW 5.1 & VMWare

Hello all,   we are using SFW 5.1 SP1 with VM (running Win2K3 SP2 R2) supported by ESX3.5U5. These VM are clustered and share disks are RDM mirrored (using SFW) disk. their system disks are mirrored also (still using SFW) but stored as vmdk (datastor...

Resolved! DB2 with SFW comaptibility

Hi guys, I have a scenario where the customer is running DB2 on Windows platform and we need to replicate the DB2 data volumes to the DR site server. We will be using SFW with VVR option for doing this. But i am having a doubt whether this will work ...

Majid by Level 5
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Resolved! SFW and SSD

Good Morning, We have set up a RAID 10 using SFW using several SSD drives and are running into some read performance issues.  We believe that the Device Type detection in SFW is partly to blame.  Our SSD drives are PCI bus (FusionIO) based and are ...

How can I rename print resources?

Hy I use the Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5.1 for Windows and in this system's running a print cluster. When I add a new resource (printer) to the PrintShare, become an automatically comment/description name to the shared printer, BUT I want to use ...