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Hi,Standing up a new environment, with NBU 9.1 on Linux media servers, writing to Data Domains across 2 data centers, using SLPs. One thing that I am still unclear on after reading the "Selection of storage units: performance considerations" section ...
Hello,I have a NetBackup Windows master server, running NB 7.7.3. It's only used for restored, and we can't upgrade to a supported NB version (so no Veritas support). I'm trying to do an NDMP restore from a NetApp 7mode backup to a cmode cluster. Its...
Hi community...Here is the environment:NB 8.3 on linux master/media servers, and 7.7.3 and up on the clients. We recently upgraded most clients to 8.1.2...right before it went out of support :( , but since the upgrade, we've been having issues with c...
Hello,We're running NB 8.3, and backing up our NetApp NAS using NDMP. We backup from our DR NAS cluster (snapmirrored, read-only volumes). For restores, we restore backup to a separate "restore" volume on the DR NAS which is read/write. The backup da...
Hello,I am experimenting with cat_import/export to copy client images from one master to a different master.Here's the situation...I have an old, legacy NB master that I need to retire. Its an old EOSL appliance, running 8.1.2 (for restores only). Th...
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