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Have a solaris 10 v890 i'm trying to upgrade from netbackup 6.0 mp7 to netbackp 6.5. All seemed to go pretty well until the database buildl. After  says it is unable to create/update databaseInstallation completed successfully Starting the NetBack...
This doesn't make sense to me. bplist tells me files have been backed up, yet when I try to restore, I get failures on the restores. There must be some simple concept I'm missing here. netbackup 6.0 mp7 with ndmp option. The tape library is attached ...
The earlier post about what to do with ever larger catalog reminded me of a question I have had for some time. Is it possible to somehow divide and conquer a catalog? That is, install  a new netbackup server and move/import  a portion of the catalog ...
Hi, I have just updated my desktop system from Solaris SXCE build 101 to SXCE build 121. jnbSA and jbpSA no longer display properly. I just get an unusable box with no login windows. It doesn't matter whether I do a remote display from the server to...
What would you do if you cannot recover the nbdb from the catalog backup.I'm runnning Netbackup 6.0 MP4 on a solaris 9 machine. WDoing the steps in the recovery section of the troubleshooting manual, I get this on step 11, page 570.##> /usr/openv/net...
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