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CA never end of search

Level 4

We are using EV 10 and CA 10,

I dont know, If I use the service account to manul search(i.e immedaitely), it will run very fast and no issue.

But If I schedule search, although I see all index are finished when search detail.

But in the monitor tab, I see their status still searching, any ideas?


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Is the search set to automatically accept?  If not, what happens after you accept the search?


Level 4

Does the scheduled search ever finish albeit slowly?  If you go to Configuration tab -> Search Schedules, what is "Schedule Type" and "Recurring Schedule" set to?

Level 4

Hi TonySterling

The schedule set automatic accept.

Hi TheEmptyMind,

The recurring schedule set to 1 per week on Monday.


Also I create a new schedule search seem that no issue, but we have more than 100 schedule search, it is not possible to recreate all.

Also, how to I delete the search search. Attached the screen caputer,I created the test schedule search and seem ok now so I want to delete the test but couldnt/. I didnt accept the search, already rejected. but the schedule search sttill heere