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Docker0 on the NBU flex appliance

Level 2

Hi Team,

I have Flex Appliances 5250 and when I check ifconfig from support >> shell there are network interface docker0, mgmt0, host0 etc..

And by default when the appliance not configure IP Address on docker0 but that IP can not be reach when I direct connect my laptop to the interface eth0/nic1... I put on my laptop.

When I'm finish doing initial configuration set into interface mgmt0 not docker0.

My Question is : What is the function of the docker0, mgmt0, host0, nic0 network interface ? Can Somebody explain.. 

And Can I access to ?

Attached the capture. 

1671690757006 (1).jpg1671690757013 (1).jpg


Level 4


host0: This represents the physical ethernet port (copper - nearest to the IPMI) on 5250 appliance.

mgmt0: This is bonded interface covering host0 (Yes, eventhough it's single interface only, it's configured as balanced-alb by default). When the appliance configured (setup configure-network and setup configure-console), it allows you to connect to node (via ssh & hostadmin user) and Flex Console (via https & admin user).

nic0-nicX: These are the physical ethernet ports used for data traffic, including backup/restore/replicaton. These are associated with the intances running on the Flex Appliance.

docker0: Flex uses micro-services architecture based on docker and it's there. That IP address is internal to docker and not accessible.

Hope it helps.