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Webcast Video: Gartner and Symantec Discuss Business Continuity

It's well known that businesses are relying more and more on the delivery of services from their IT departments.  Some of these services are critical to the health of the business and they simply cannot go off-line otherwise revenue, brand reputation and employee productivity are at stake.  

Check out this webcast video that includes industry experts Gartner Research Vice President, Donna Scott andSymantec Vice President of Product Management, Doug Matthews discussing best practices to keep your business up and running. Uncover the answers to many top of mind business continuity questions including:

  • What makes a complete IT business continuity solution?
  • Are the native tools included with operating system platforms sufficient for mission-critical applications with short Recovery Time Objectives?
  • What about business services delivered across a complex multi-tiered, heterogeneous stack?
  • And is it easy to test the capability to recover, so that organizations can remediate issues before a real event occurs?


Gartner and Symantec discuss Business Continuity video