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Invalid Tape Command

Level 3

Hey guys, I am having an interesting problem with one of my backups that has been quite frustrating lately. Just to give you a rundown of our setup: I have a Backup Exec 3600 Appliance backing up 7 servers, including 2 Exchange Servers and a DAG setup. It is set to backup to disk (itself) and then duplicate to an HP LTO-6 tape drive. Until the past few weeks, everything has been working flawlessly. Recently, I am getting an error on the duplicate portion for one of the Exchange servers. The error is: 

Storage device "Tape drive 0004" reported an error on a request to read data from media.


Error reported:

Incorrect function.


V-79-57344-3403014.0.1798.1364eng-ntfs-setcopyV-79-57344-34030ENRetailWindows_V-6.1.7601_SP-1.0_PL-0x2_SU-0x110_PT-0x3 - An invalid command was sent to the storage device.




The storage device may no longer be accessible to the operating system. Review the event logs for more information.


All other servers are backing up and duplicating fine. This particular server always has a successful backup but constantly fails on the duplicate with this error. I have tried multiple things, from switching up the order that the servers backup, to completely redoing the jobs. The tape drive is fairly new and works flawlessly with all the other servers backing up to it, so I don't think it is to blame. Any ideas?


Level 6

Do any errors occur in the Window event logs during the time the duplicate runs?

Level 3

Yes, 3 errors occur. 2 of them show exactly what Backup Exec does, for example: one says there was an "Incorrect Function," and one says "The storage device may not be accessible...."

The third error looks like this:


Level 6

Make sure you are using Symantec drivers for the tape drive and all the firmware is updated.

even though the tape drive is fairly new, stop the BE services and run the vendors tape drive diagnostics