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Resolved! Backup Exec Agent for IBM AS400

Hello - does Backup Exec 15 or any other Veritas/Symantect prodcuts support backing up data on any one of these: IBM/iSeries/AS400/db2/JDE?   Thanks!  Mendel

m_admin85 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Duplication of Backup sets to be scheduled

Hello all, I am trying to find a way in BE 2014, how to schedule duplication of backup sets.  I am duplicating one server (backup set) this way: I have about 10 servers and I need to create ...

Resolved! About shrinking the catalogs

Hi all, For my 3600 appliance, I've been backing up the catalogs (D:\BackupExec\Catalogs) regularly by burning the whole folder into a DVD. For a pretty long while since use, it's been good and remained at around 3.5 GB. However, in the last month, ...

JPoon by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup Exec 2014 and Share Point 2013

I'm trying to make backup Share Point 2013 with Backup Exec 2014 updated as of August 14, 2015 and I can not do it without mistakes. The users who use it for backup of all databases dbo infrastructure and farm administrator of Share Point.     ...

Jonbs by Level 4
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appliance 3600E con Backup Exec 2012

Dear, I have a problem with baxckup exec appliance 3600 E with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2, you can not backup or restore, I liberarado space oldest files, and have applied the classified and restarted the server, HOWEVER remains the problem. ...

Elmer_Gomez by Level 5
Partner Certified
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Resolved! Used Capacity versus Data

We use LTO 800gb/1.6tb tapes but have noticed out used capacity versus data is significantly different. Most of the tapes are reporting used as 779.9gb of 781.5, but the data fluctuates between 490gb upto 548gb. The job in question is set to hardwar...

Resolved! Disk Space Deduplication

It is the first time it happens, I have the feeling that not freeing up space, as could free up space? or check that it can be happening?

Jonbs by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup Cluster Hyper-v Subnet

Hi, Forgive my English first, I have configured a Hyper-V cluster with two nodes and a storage cabin. When I make a backup of the cluster gives me a different subnet always bug, there is a specific procedure for backing up a cluster of hyper-v on ...

Jonbs by Level 4
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Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR)

Hi, If the D drive of my backup appliance 3600.R3 is almost full i.e. 5 TB and with this setup I create the SDR disk (simple disaster recovery disk) , how much size should I expect of SDR disk ? I wonder if the creation of SDR disk would take the ba...

Resolved! Duplicate to tape "Rule Blocked"

I setup my 3600 to backup a server full / Incrim for a few months just to dedupe  locally now a tape is being required so I installed a quantum ulta 5 half height tape library. (no updates available on the 3600 I am on 2012 SP4 with all the latest ho...

Invalid Tape Command

Hey guys, I am having an interesting problem with one of my backups that has been quite frustrating lately. Just to give you a rundown of our setup: I have a Backup Exec 3600 Appliance backing up 7 servers, including 2 Exchange Servers and a DAG setu...

Different Time in WebUI and System Time

Good Day. Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Model: 3600 Version: 3.1.2190.0 I have problem for Different Time in System and WebUI: In Last year (september 2014) in Russian cleaned Daylight saving (kb 2998527), But Applince from WebUI not found Updates ...

Failed Backups taking up space

We had a failed backup that was about 3TB. The backup is not listed in the "Backup Sets" because, I guess, it didn't finish so it doesn't show up there. But the Job history shows the job as a failed job. It is clear the space is being taken up on the...

Resolved! Appliance WebUI does not display information

Hello    We are using BE3600R2 and whenever we using WebUI we are unable to find details related to    Disk Raid  Battery   It says No disk No Raid and No battery.    Please find the attached screenshot for more information.    Thank you ...

Resolved! Canceling the backup Job

Hi all,  Canceling the backup job doesn't seem to work for me, it says pending cancel and it stays there forever. Does anyone encounter such a problem ? I am using Appliance 3600 R3 !   Regards  

Resolved! Backup exec agent

Hi, I upgrade my appliance to 3600.R3 and it was upgraded successfully. I further installed via live update SP1 and hotfix-225092. Now when I upgraded the agent on virtual machine it was upgraded and it changed its colour to blue, but it still has t...

Resolved! Backup exec appliance 3600 R2

while pushing the agent to the servers encounter with credential error and sometime WMI error and the while taking backup of SQL database server after finishing the backup while verify the backup encouter with constincy check error....   Please can a...

Muaaz by Level 2
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