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BE 2012 (Server 2008) migration

Hi, I am wanting to transfer the backup exec from a 2008 r2 server to a 2012 r2 server. As I have just found out when trying to install 2012 it will not work on 2012.

If I upgraded to a newer version is it possible to bring the catalogs over. I tried this with a trial version of BE15 using a help tutorial regarding transferring data/catlog folders to a different version of BE on a different server.

I just got the error in BEutility that the database was not supported.

So before I go ahead and purchase a new license is it possible to go from BE2012 catalogs and put into the newer BE.

Sorry it is quite vague as not an expert! 


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Re: BE 2012 (Server 2008) migration

Reading some more forum posts.. would I have to upgrade my BE2012 version to the subscription service and then it should let me transfer the catalogs etc onto the new server.

Re: BE 2012 (Server 2008) migration

You could install Backup Exec 16 on the Windows 2012 server.

Then move/migrage the BE 2012 data to BE 2016.

Ideally you want to keep the server name the same during you migration.

Re: BE 2012 (Server 2008) migration

Ah that maybe why it didnt work when I tested it. I cant have the same name as still wanting to use both servers... just wanted to move it onto a new one (preferrably without having to re-purchase BE but that is looking unlikely.

Re: BE 2012 (Server 2008) migration

You can change the name of the server it just add some complications.

Having a different server name doesnt affect the migration/move process of BE 2012 to new server with BE 16 on it.


Re: BE 2012 (Server 2008) migration

Ok thanks for the help, I shall install the BE16 trial and give it another try :)