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Backup Exec 12.5 and vSphere 4.1

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In reference to the Tech Tip below: 


From what I understand from this past post, vSphere 4/4.1 and Backup Exec 12.5 will work together. Meaning that the use of a VCB proxy as before is not needed, since the new vSphere 4 API.  All I need is the Backup Exec AVVI license installed on a Backup Exec server, which then communicates directly to the vCenter or Esxi itself and if needed, possibly an agent installed on each vm.





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Hi Jgoff,

if you want to backup vsphere 4.1 using backupexec 12.5 you would need the vcb proxy installed and it will do a staging backup .

the use of vsphere API is the feature of backupexec 2010 and above .which means you will not require a VCB proxy server.

Thanks & Regards

Sharad Ail

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I am able to backup a virtual machine using Symantec 12.5 and vcb to local folder, but my restores will fail.


ESXi 4.1, vCenter and the latest VCB
Local storeage
Symantec and VCB are on the same server
Trying to restore a Windows server 2008 r2 vm


I read there are two ways for restoring from this site: 


1) Restore vm files to a folder and then use VM Converter to restore (tried 3.02, 4 and enterprise).  All will fail with errors (unable to deterimine guest operating system with 3.02, unable to deterimine hardware with 4 and enterprise). Actually, if I upgrade to 4 on my VCB machine I recieve an error about not able to find converter or converter is not installed.

2) Restore directly with Symantec and converter also fails with "A failure occurred while running the VMwareConverter". It will get about 99% then will fail.


Pics are below...