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Deduplication with a Synology as a target

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Dear All,

We are using Backup Exec for a long time, but still backing up to tapes. I like to change it and using disk storage with the deduplication option.We recently upgraded to Backup Exec 2014 and I see that Symantec offers now with Backup Exec 15 Capacity Edition which sounds a good offer with all the agents and options. We are doing full backups each day (3.5TB, about 60% VMware). Our media rotation policy is keep one week (5 Backups) and one Backup for each month ut up to a year (12 Backups).

I was thinking to use Synology NAS as the disk storage. There is a Synology model which I have in mind whih is on the Symantec HCL disk target and fully supports GRT and BEDUP. This Synology models supports iSCSI.

I have in mind to set up a iSCSI network with the BE media server and create a LUN on the Synology.

I have a few questions to be sure that I have understood everything correctly.

1) In the BE admin guide there are two type of devices mentioned. OpenStorage device and Deduplication disk storage.

Would a Synology NAS be Deduplication disk storage?

2) Will this setup also support client side deduplication or on deduplication on the backup server? If it supports both, what do you suggest to use?

3) Will this set up support all kind of restore? Important for us is GRT without staging of VM disks

4) Will we be able to keep our "media rotation" policy to keep monthly backups with Deduplication?

5) I plan to use RAID 1 on the Synology NAS. I know it is software RAID only.


We intend to buy two Synology NAS and use one device for off-site replication over the internet. Synology supports Netbackup. In this case Backup Exec will not be used for a copy backup another device.

Beside all my questions, does this plan sound okay? A typical OST devcie seems to be too costly and I think Synology products have a good reputation.

Thank you!




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1) DeDuplication Disk Storage

2) Will support both. Depending upon the type of backup and if you want the DeDupe processing to occur on the remote server or the BE media server. Per best practices, client-side is more effective. Best Practices -

3) Will support GRT restores.

4) Backup sets are managed by a process called DLM -


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Thanks for your comment so far. This is very helpful.  Maybe there are more to come in regard to reliability using a Synology as a backup target.


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Fast and reliable reads & writes plus a good network connection are the key points while chosing a dedup target.