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Duplication Issue

Hello everybody

My enviroment:

HP Tape LTO-2

I have configured a policy with a full backup linux 's filesystem template and a duplication template. Full backup does ok. The problem is at duplicate it, it begins rigth, but at a few minutes the speed decrease to much (300-400 mbs/min) and after 10 hours of execution the task appears as QUEUE, I go to tape 's panel and its state is ready, not writing, it is like agent lose control over Tape.


Thanks for helping.

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Hello Hetfield,

Please check the ALERTS to see if there are any alerts generated due to which the job goes to queued state. There may be alerts like related to Media which is holding this up.




Duplication Issue

During the duplication process, the agent wont be involed and the data will be duplicated from the destination of the full backup, try using the symatec drivers for the tape drive (if not using already) may be its waiting for another tape to inserted as if the job spans it requires an over-writable tape and it will wait in the queue till the time an overwritable tape can be located.

Hello again and thanks for

Hello again and thanks for helping.

I use Symantec drivers to Tape.

I configured a partition of 3 tapes, which is duplication ´s destiny. In policy I configured duplication to overwrite the data. So  I don´t know what are the cause of this behavior, ´cause of this I can´t end a duplication correctly.


I hope you can help me.

Please check Alerts Tabs on

Please check Alerts Tabs on BEWS Console and Post Active Alerts and Alert Histroy Errors, Check if its pointing to Insert Overwritable Media, Also What is OPP and APP configured for Media Set??