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Enhanced Virtual Machine Backup Performance with Accelerator V2


The amount of data in the world is growing at an astonishing rate. Every year we create twice as much data as the year before. Despite this explosion of data and heterogeneous IT environments, backup administrators have less time than ever to protect it, which makes backup speed a major factor in modern environments. 


With the launch of Backup Exec 21.2, we have achieved significantly faster backups for virtual infrastructure with Accelerator Version 2.

For context, the easiest way of protecting a virtual machine (VM) is to perform a full backup. However, this simplicity comes with a price; performing full VM backup takes a long time and uses a significant amount of storage. One way to reduce the backup's size is to run frequent incremental backups and intermittent full backups.  With the introduction of Accelerator Version 1, backup administrators could perform a full VM backup once and then exclusively utilize incremental backups in the future. Full backups from the source are replaced by consolidated full backups, which are created by merging the changes tracked by incremental backups with the data of the first full backup.

For more on Accelerator V1, read Introducing Backup Exec Accelerator blog post.

In Backup Exec 21.2, we’ve introduced Accelerator V2 with even stronger performance. Leveraging Backup Exec Deduplication Block Cloning Technology, consolidated backup jobs to deduplication storage are 90% faster than Accelerator V1 and up to 100x faster than backups without Accelerator at all.  This is achieved by using references to avoid significant I/O operations while creating consolidated backup sets.

This latest Accelerator implementation will help you shrink backup windows drastically and decrease overhead on your production CPU, storage, and network resources.  Accelerator v2 will also better equip you to fulfill backup SLAs and enable faster offsites data movement, allowing you to tighten up Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

If you are a current customer, upgrade to Backup Exec 21.2 to take advantage of this latest version of Backup Exec Accelerator and our other new features. If you are not currently a customer, try out Backup Exec for free with our 60-day trial:

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Level 2

Good stuff.. 100% faster than a traditional full backup of a VM.