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Full tape means next job waits

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I use a Disk to Disk to Tape backup method.  My weekend backup takes two tapes.  I don't have an auto loader, so I put the second tape in the drive when I get in on Monday.  This Monday was a holiday, so I didn't get a chance to put in the second tape until Tuesday.  With Backup Exec 2010, in this scenario, the daily backup would start to run and backup everything to disk.  On Tuesday it would be waiting for the tape drive to be be ready so that it could run the copy to tape.  After the weekend backup finished copying and I would put in the Monday tape it and would proceed with the copy.  Under Backup Exec 2012 the daily backup didn't even start baking up the servers until I put in the second weekend tape.  I don't know what the daily job was waiting for.  The weekend jobs and daily jobs use different backup to disk folders, so it wasn't that.  How do I get the next job to run as scheduled in this scenario?


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Check out the "Concurrent Write Sessions" under the storage device properties and make sure that the numbers for the relevant devices add up to allow simultaneous running.  We have both B2D2T and B2T sessions running concurrently even when we run out of tapes, the B2D portion still runs...