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Import a backup to disk file backup to an alternate location and restore files

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The problem we are having is that on site A we have backup exec 12 for windows running and backup goes to b2d folders.
one of these backups is a job that backups into 1 b2d file.
On site A everything runs normal, all jobs succeed.

What we need to do is to Get that file from that 1 job, ftp it to site B and ( manually ) import it somehow so that files can be restored from it to a location in site B.
Sounds simple enough but we are having issues with it.

1.Basically, we FTP the file to site B and place it in a folder
2.we go to backup exec ( tried with v12 and v12.5 ) and create a new device ( b2d folder ) , pointing to the location where we ftp'd the file to.
3.The folder is created correctly
4.We run an inventory job, the file transferred from site A shows up correctly.
5 we right click the file in the right pane of the newly created backup to disk folder and choose 'catalog'
6. the catalog always fails almost instantly.

The error we get is: the data is inconsistent

Error category : Backup Media ErrorsError : e00084ca - The data being read from the media is inconsistent.
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33994
Error : e00084ca - The data being read from the media is inconsistent

I am sure the files are OK, I have tried 4 times, with 4 different files and always get the same result.
I have looked around but this specific error always is discussed in regards to failing backups and or defragmented HD's.
Neither is the case here.
Also no filesystem problems are the cause.

Some specifics:

the file is the only one in the backup set ( verified in the backup log )
The file is +-5GB size
The file contains 2 sql databases backup

Unfortunately, going around BUEXEC through maintenance plan is in our specific case impossible :(

Can someone please help me by providing me a proper import method for a foreign B2D file so that I can catalog and eventually restore files out of it ?

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Please check the following steps 

1) Move B2D to the retired media 
2)Delete the file from retired media 
3)Restart the BE services 
4)Do an Inventory
5)Try catalogging now 

Let me know if that helps 

Zaki Khan 

Level 6
You don't mention whether you can restore from the  BKF file on System A

if you can, then the FTP is somehow corrupting the BKF file in transit