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No Resources found for Backup Job

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I am getting the following Error Backup Exec did not find any resources to include in the backup.Where you would pick your backup selections for a backup job there is no C: or D: nor system state. (See screenshot) Just the server.

This is on our Domain Controllers.

  • We set firewall rules to allow connections for every port on the firewall guide including 10000, 6101, 445 on the DC. Still Does not work. We set these as inbound, do they need to be both directions?
  • When we turned off the firewall completely it worked. The C: D: and system were seen. But leaving the firewall off is not an option for our DC's.
  • The service account is a Domain Admin. Has all required rights according to the guide.
  • The OS is Server 2016.
  • Backup exec v20.3 Backups work just fine for non-domain controllers.

So only thing I can come up with is we are missing a port or they need to be bi-directional ports.

Thanks in advance


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Open the ports as per the TN below: Thanks!

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See if this helps:

Note: It is recommended to keep a range of ports opened instead of just one because other applications can engage dynamic ports. Therefore, keep at least 25 ports opened for the remote system, so there is a pool of ports available to all applications needing them. For example:
A Control connection is always established bi-directionally on TCP Port 10000 between the media server and remote machine. 

Advertising is done on port 6101 from the remote server to the Backup Exec server.

Data connections for the backup are done on ports within the Dynamic Port Range.