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RALUS 2010 Agent - gz file corrupted

Hello everybody,
What is my surprise when I try to install the new RALUS_RMALS_RAMS-2896.9.tar.gz file from the ISO.
When I try to unzip or tar, the file has an CRC error and stop unzipping.
I try to download an other ISO file. Same problem...
Somebody have this problem too ?
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Hi, Self resolved. BUT : When

Self resolved. BUT :
When I download the 4 part of the ISO and rebuild the final ISO with the cmd file, the GZ file is corrupted.
When I download the full 3GB ISO file, the GZ is OK
I do this manip 3 times with differents computers (Windows XP, Windows 7). Same problem detected.
Using the Ralus GZ file from the full ISO resolved my problem

Whilst you may have

Whilst you may have uidentified an issue that is worth us investigating further, please be aware that the RALUS  GZ files should always be extracted using tools on your Linux/Unix systems - do not attempt to extract using WinZIP

I just tested this 1)

I just tested this

1) Downloaded the 4 files (from our trailware site) plus the .CMD file to join them on a Windows XP system
2) Ran the command file (on a Windows XP system)
3) Copy the resulting ISO using a Pen Drive to a MAC running OS X
4) Opended the ISO in the MAC GUI
5) Opened that .GZ file - n th MAC GUI again (which automatically opened the TAR and extracted the files into the MAC download folder)

No errors

It is possible that you downloaded from file connect (and we have a problem, there) or one of the above steps had a problem.