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Reports Won't Display

Level 4
After rebuilding a PC (XP Pro) and reinstalling the remote administration console, I can no longer view reports. The report appears to run, opend Adobe but nothing displays. It did work prior to my rebuilding this PC.

Level 6
While running reports if Backup Exec detects Acrobat Reader, it opens the report in Acrobat. Please verify if you are able to view reports in HTML format by uninstalling Acrobat Reader. If it outputs the report in HTML then try reinstalling Acrobat and run reports again. If the issue persists, please let us know the following:

1. Does that happen with a specific report or it happens with all the reports that you run?

You can also try upgrading your acrobat reader to the latest version.

Level 4
I ended up uninstalling Acorbat Reader 6.03 and installing version 7.0. All seems to work now.