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Restoring 1st domain controller on new hardware

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Fresh Windows 2003 SP2 install running BEWS 12.0, have my media cataloged and ready to restore. All backup exec services set to use Local System Account.

Target server is fresh Windows 2003 SP2 (same version as what I'm trying to restore to) has the same computer name as what I'm trying to restore with--backup exec agent is installed and service set to logon using the Local System Account.

Go to the media server and select the files--no problem.
Testing the credentials---fails on every credential I can throw at it. "The file or directory could not be found or could not be accessed."

Like I said, I've tried every syntax of credentials that I've thought of i.e.:

I've set up multiple logon accounts in Backup Exec---no luck.
I've put a hosts file entry in to spoof the media server to think that "servername" is actually ""---no luck.

I know I can restore everything else once I have a working DC in place, but if I can't restore my first DC in the environment---I'm not going to get anywhere.

Anyone come across this? Any help is appreciated---thanks in advance!

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For those that run accross this, refer to this thread.

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With respect what you are doing can be done but is not totally fool proof and can be very troublesome!
I have spend many sleepless nights trying to get DC's back this way until BESR came along and saved me!!

Anyway perhaps this technote will help: