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Resolved! resource

Hi, Please I like to verify the following. In the case that a certain resource is not brought offline,when a group tries to fails over,and if we manually bring the resource offline,the group will start automatically on other node, or I should to...

Resolved! Vcs cluster start issue

  if we have two node cluster  with nodes A and B. running service groups A on node A and B on node B In generally speaking, starting the 2nd node B when node A is runinng with VCS and ServiceGroup,  will not cause any issue.   lets say if we we have...

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Resolved! multinicb failure case understanding required

Hello,   What has happened that MULtinicB resource faulted on both nodes. that lead to the failure of proxies and other dependent resources configured in service group can you please let us know what could be the recovery procedure if the network get...

symsonu by Level 6
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VCS failovers and copies the crontabs

Hello, I am using VCS on Oracle M9000 machines. I have three node cluster. The question is when I failover the services from one node to another I want all the crontabs to be copied to the other live node as well. Which doesnt seem to be working fine...


I have a VCS VVR iisue below and I have tried recovering the rvg and rattaching the rlink but not working :see below: root@ojnbu2 # vradmin -g catalog_dg -l repstatus rvg_ojota Replicated Data Set: rvg_ojota Primary:   Host name:                  ...

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VMotion vs VCS

  We have a  slightly complicated question, it is, however, not really that complicated.   We are moving one of our money generating apps over to dedicated UCS blades, and in VCS, (Linux on UCS blades with VCS), there is, however, some talk of using ...

resource dependency

Hi, I like to check the following thing. I have a group service with 2 resources:resource a and resource b.Resource a is the parent of resorce b. Normally when resource b has problems and goes offline,then resource a goes offline and thus the group s...

Use of event triggers not working

Hi, My environment, SFW-HA 6.0.1 & Windows 2008 R2 node 1 & node 2 in one cluster with EV service group server 3 (not part of cluster) has CIFS shared folder \fileshare   I need to have \\server3\fileshare mounted as drive Z: on active node before EV...

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Resolved! how to use a network share folder (CIFS) on a service group?

Hi, I have below environment, node 1 & node 2 SFW HA 6.0.1, Windows 2008 R2 node 3 with shared folder (\\node3\folder) use as Vault Store EV service group   i need \\node3\folder to be part of EV service group and failed over between nodes as part of...

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Resolved! Pre checks to reboot CVM cluster nodes.

Scenario: Two node Oracle RAC cluster The node we  need to go for a reboot is CVM Master node. Cluster have one fail over service group too. I have plan to switch-over to other running node. We do not anticipate outage Please provide any pre checks n...

Resolved! SCL for VCS 5 on AIX

Hello I am preparing an OS upgrade from Aix 5.3 TL7 to 5.3 TL11 or TL12 while runing VCS I am try to find the official symantec SCL (software compatibility list) without success ! can anybody help me to find this document to ensure which mi...

Are VCS commands executed on all nodes

Moved from post "vcs upgrade" as a separate issue: When a resource is added from one vcs node with: haconf -makerw hagrp -add groupw hares -add diskgroup haconf -dump -makero Then all the above commands are executed on all vcs nodes.right?had from ev...

Mount resource was not able to unmount

Environment SFHA/DR iSCSI SAN Primary Site = two nodes DR Site = one node SFHA version = 5.0 MP4 RP1 RHEL OS = 5   DiskGroup Agent logs 2013/09/10 11:56:48 VCS WARNING V-16-2-13139 Thread(4156349328) Canceling thread (4155296656) 2013/09/10 11:56:49...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! VCS ERROR V-16-1-13027

Hello Forum, Recently this error message showed up on my system log, Sep 11 08:17:37 dbsp1 Had[2008]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS ERROR V-16-1-13027 (dbsp1) Resource(MNIC) - monitor procedure did not complete I am guessing that this is because t...

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