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Resolved! Veritas Cluster Server and IBM PowerVM

Hello!   We are looking for a clustering solution for our Oracle databases on IBM AIX5.3. AIX nodes will be hosted on the IBM PowerVM DLPARs and in case of failover or takeover we will have to reconfigure DLPAR with additional resources (add CPU and ...

alex_kaz by Not applicable
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Resolved! NFS4 Input/output error after resource failover

Hi everybody, I'm running VERITAS Cluster Server with clustered NFS (nfs4 enabled) on RedHat 5.6. When I mount an export with nfs4 from a client and start a resource failover during a filecopy to this share the copy fails with "Input/output ...

Resolved! I/O fencing not working on VCS5.1 on Ldoms2.0

Hello,   I've a 1. Sun T5240 server configured with 4 Ldoms each with 8G Memory & 12 vCPUs. 2. Running Solaris10 u9 on all Primary domain and all the guest domains. 3. 2 Guest domains are running VCS5.1 and couple of oracleSGs .   Everything is runni...

Resolved! VCS package dependencies

Hello, I am trying determine the best way to remove all non VCS VRTSx packages from a solaris server(s) ansd leave CVS packages Physical servers are being migrated to solaris zones and part of the process is to remove all VRTSx packages from the loca...

ToddS by Not applicable
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Resolved! Global Cluster Option with two single node cluster?

Hi all,   The question is simple, i`m checking the requeriments for this configuration, Cab we configure a global cluster between two single node cluster? According to the characteristics of the customer platform, the only configuration possible ...

cmoreno1978 by Level 3
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Resolved! Shared storage for ESXi

Hi, I am create test environment of Storage Foundation HA for Exchange 2010 on ESXi 4.1 without any shared storage.   I’m clear about all prerequisites but the bottle neck is storage. Is there any way I can create shared storage on same ESXi server? ...

Is VCS 5.1 Simulator available for Linux

The " Veritas Cluster Server Simulator" at only gives VCS simulator for Windows and not for Linux (or any UNIX version), so is the Simulator no longer supported...

mikebounds by Level 6
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Resolved! VCS4.1 + network routing. any other ideas?

Guys, Let me first give you the background of the configuration: Two node VCS4.1 cluster on Solaris 10. Each node connected to two subnets: subnet A: (primary one with default GW) subnet B: Traffic to some subnets I ...

bazi by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS 4.1 with Oracle 11g R1 on SLES 10

We have the following setup:-   Basic oracle database failover from one node to another   DB : Oracle   VCS : 4.1   We upgraded the database to 11g R1 and and modified the cluster configuration path to 11g. When we tested the failover, DB fa...

plbiju by Level 2
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==> add new node with different VCS-Version

Hi all, having a two node cluster on two sun v240 machines with solaris 8. Now we want upgrade the hardware up to m3000, os up to solaris 10 and vcs up to 5.1. Is it possible to add a new m3000 machine with the new versions of vcs into the existing c...

Resolved! DLL files needed for HA 5.0 and HA 5.1 w.r.t 32 and 64 bit

Hi all,         I am using Veritas HA 5.0(both 32 bit and 64 bit) and 5.1 (both 32 bit and 64 bit) for my product.I just need the DLL files (vcsdefault.dll / default50agent.dll) that can be used to create my own customization agent.  can anyone share...

Resolved! Cluster Failover validation checklist

Hello,   I need to validate the existing cluster configuration of our environement (RHEL 5 with VCS 5.0MP3) Is there a document or checklist for VCS failover validation without impacting the production environement? I don't want to do actual failover...

timus by Level 4
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Opening a Technical Support Case

Can't find a solution to your issue on the forums? Here's a post with everything you'll need to know to open a Technical Support case:

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! Exam questions for VCS

What type of questions can be come in the VCS Exams ? Any participation will be appriciated

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Clarification needed about windows clustering

Hi All,             Currently my team is working on windows clustering part, but i am not getting a user guide about it on how to configure the same. If anybody has a link reference or user guide document for windows clustering , please share the sam...