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Number of hosts to power up for cluster memebership

Hi All, we have a 4 nodes VCS. After shutdown all the 4 nodes and power up one by one, and we check with "lltstat -n", and "gabconfig -a". We found that lltstat -n is normal, however, there is no output for gabconfig -a until we power on all 4 nodes...

Xentar by Level 4
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Solaris : using Live Upgrade to upgrade SFCFS + VCS

Hello, As there is no documentation describing the upgrade process of Veritas SFCFS + VCS up to 5.0 MP3  using Solaris Live Upgrade, I would like to know  if someone has already experienced such kind of procedure ? Any feedback or tips are welcome...

lau by Level 2
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SCSI reservation is not cleaned always during cluster shutdown

I am facing the below listed issue with my RAC cluster on XP storage array.  But I am not able to access hot fix 7 . The system is hanging and to recover I have to power cycle every time when I do the hastop -all. SCSI PGR reservations are not ful...

Anbu by Level 3
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VCS + VVR + IPMP - Source IP address is wrong

hey gang, I'm having some trouble getting VVR to work between sites as part of my Netbackup DR plan.  I am able to configure RVGs, RLinks, etc, but when I try to start replication, I get a notice that "replication is paused due to network disconnect...

ADDODD by Level 4
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Link between 2 service groups

Hello all, I have a cluster with two nodes (N1 and N2). I have a service group (SG1) configured with failover. I'd like to add another service group (SG2) which ONLY run on the inactif node (ie: where SG1 does not run) and when SG1 switch or failove...

adoffin by Level 2
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VxCFS cluster disk flag coordinator

Hi All, I am configuring a two node VxCFS cluster.  While configuring coordinator disk group, this caught my attention: vxdg -o coordinator=on init diskgroupname This flag is required to be turned on for VxCFS in CFS documentation, but it is not m...

Wei_Li by Not applicable
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Relation between groups of resources and ClusterService

Hi, 1 - A VCS SQL2005 Service group creates following the manuals. But encounter in the administration console that I have created 2 groups of resources. First it is the ClusterService that create at the beginning of the manual and VCS SQL 2005 Servi...

DiegoT by Level 2
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interface aliases vanishing

I'm configuring a two-node VCS 5.0 cluster of dns servers running CentOS Linux 5.2. Here is how my network interfaces look when both cluster groups are on one node: bond0.500 Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1E:0B:60:81:5A           inet addr:192.16...

GCO and replication

Hi! I have two veritas clusters (storage foundation 4.3 HA for Windows) with GCO options. For replication between them I use VVR. The problem is that on second cluster which is on disaster recovery site I have packet loss on network adapter over whi...

Tomislav by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Maximum numbers of nodes in VCS 3.5 for HPUX?

In VCS 3.5 Release Notes for HPUX , I can see "Clusters of up to 32 nodes are supported", but I am not sure if a 32-node cluster can be built indeed since the customer finds LLT is quite unstable when the number of nodes more than 12 or higher in VCS...

lmiao by Level 4
Employee Accredited
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vxfs built-in compression

 does anyone know if symantec(veritas) has disk compression for vxfs on the roadmap? I don't mean compression for backup, i mean on-the-fly (de)compression for files, like zfs or ntfs. thank you

brainyoga by Not applicable
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