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DLO Agent cannot create new users automatically, DLO Admin console can sometimes

Level 3


I've been trying to resolve the following issue on a DLO 7 server (which was upgraded from BE 2010 R3). I think this issue started since the upgrade, but can't quite recall, as it's been a while.

When a new user starts the DLO agent on the client computer (Windows 7 SP 1), they receive this message

Failed to load configuration settings

On the DLO server, in the Alerts, the following is logged.

Unable to configure the Desktop Agent on computer 'computer-name' for user 'domain\username'. Error: failed to create directory \\server\share\domain-username: 0x80070534

I think I checked the usual suspects: on the file server hosting the DLO share, Everyone has full control at the share and NTFS levels. Also, the user accounts running the DLO service and the SQL Server services have full control.

Existing users, even when they are provided with a new machine do not have a problem, even on the new machine the DLO agent works as expected.

When trying to create the user record in the DLO Administration Console manually, there are 2 outcomes:

  1. If I create the user account and want to assign the User Data Folder on a Storage Location (we only have 1), the action fails with the following error:
    Failed to create user share for \\server\share\domain-username with error No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.
    I cannot find any information on this error specifically as it relates to DLO.
  2. If I create the account by assigning a Network user data folder path (which is the same path, \\server\share\domain-username), I am asked if I want to create it. Click Yes and everything seems to be OK. The user can then open the DLO agent and the backups start running. (For some reason, I can't pull up the UI, but the process DLOClientUI.exe is running. That may be coincidental and related to my test user instead of DLO.)

Any help would be appreciated,



Level 4

Can you please check if the user who is running the DLO admin service and the DLO admin service has full permissions to the root folder in the storage location machine?

You can confirm this by visiting the folder on the storage location machine and creating a sample folder. Kindly let us know if you successfully able to create folders or write data using these credentials.

Also, confirm if the storage location is on a Windows machine.

If the user has full permissions (read/ write), give us the event logs on the server machine when the issue is seen. Also, provide us XPdloshareu.loglogs.