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DLO is happening to cause slowness on clients.

We use DLO  7.6  to backup clients data and pst file.i have created a profile and set it backup whenever a file changes and use delta file transfer for pst.

When DLO start to sync with pst file CPU usages seems % 25 and disk usage % 100 on all clients. Even i have tried to incremental backup and VSS backup for PST but nothing has changed so during sync clients cant work with their computers.

How can i solve it ? 

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If running any AV, set it to

If running any AV, set it to exclude from scanning the DLO processes. If Windows Indexing is ON for .pst files, either disable it or set to scan the .pst outside the backup window.

For .pst backups, I would recommend to enable only VSS method and disable the incremental method.

Once VSS method is enabled, adjust disk throttling values per this KB -

If these do not help, would recommend to log a formal support case.

i have checked DLOClient.log

i have checked DLOClient.log file and all vaules exceed 2 ..

as bellow;

diskthrottle.cpp( 228 ) Read queue: 2.36808, sleeping for 184ms

diskthrottle.cpp( 228 ) Read queue: 8.62795, sleeping for 2000ms

diskthrottle.cpp( 228 ) Read queue: 3.11479, sleeping for 557ms

diskthrottle.cpp( 228 ) Read queue: 4.49691, sleeping for 1248ms

so it means DLO using sleep mechanism ? 


Yeah, a sleep mechanism is

Yeah, a sleep mechanism is being used to prevent high disk activity. You can specify alter the value of DiskQueueLimit in the registry. As an example, the avg read queue length is 5

If the disk activity is less and you have resources to spare, you can specify 50 as the value of DiskQueueLimit, else if the disk activity is constantly high, you can slow down the backups slightly by giving a higher value such as 60 or 70 etc.

i made some changes on

i made some changes on register and now DLO says "pending local" what excalty does wait for  ?

it is just for  PST other files are synchronizing.

Pending local means the

Pending local means the backup is waiting on the copy stage to the DUDF. This can happen if you increased the DiskQueueLimit so that local backup will be slow due to disk throttling.

Is the client on "Pending Local" status for a very long time ?

since 10 min it is on

since 10 min it is on "pending local" but other files which i copied for test like pdf,xls,mp3 on document folder and  they finished in min. for other files DLO says pending local after 2 sec says pending network then finish.


by the way now i have noticed that the PST file size is 40 GB..maybe you are right DLO can be still try to copy it to DUDF ...

Wait for the other files to

Wait for the other files to get backed up and then check as to how long .pst file remains in pending local state.

And just to verify, the .pst backup method is set to VSS and not message incremental, right ?

yes i am sure i have checked

yes i am sure i have checked it now again VSS in enable not incremental.

Nothing changed in this

Nothing changed in this sitoution it is not important for me how long time it will takes so i set to register value 40 but still disk usage % 100 on all windows 8 clients..

If it's still 100% disk

If it's still 100% disk usage, then disk throttling is not the cause. Is the DLOChangeLog service showing as the one utilizing the max disk resources ?

And instead of backing up whenever a file changes, have you tried to set to on a schedule instead (such as every 1 hour or so) and monitor if it makes any difference ?

i tried schedule as every 1





i tried schedule as every 1 hour nothing changed.  

Pls log a support case as

Pls log a support case as this would require proper investigation.

What is the difference

What is the difference between VSS and Delta Transfer in Symantec DLO.