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After moving EV tasks to new Server, slow or no arching from exchange

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I installed a new Microsoft Cluster 4 nodes, 3 EV Group.


  • SO: Windows Server 2019
  • EV: Enterprise Vault 14.1.2
  • Outlook: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 32 bits + KB3191883

The archiving tasks work perfectly in the old server 

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 + Office 2013 32btis.

We are archiving from 6 exchange servers, and are getting the followings error:

  • Some archiving tasks end without error
  • Others don't start
  • Most of the time I get the following error Event ID's 7206, 3230 other times EventID 3419

See attachment ev_error.txt for more information about the Event message

I don't know what to look for, every time a start a Dtrace It work without error

Any ideas?

Thank you 







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Hello Antono,

For DTrace, have a look at Backtrace KB article. It defines a 'trigger' (eventid), then starts tracing when that event occurrs.

Also check the Compatibility guide, it has some pointers to the Outlook version on the EV server.

The errors in general indicate resource issues on EV. You write you archive 6 Exchange servers. How many EV servers are on this cluster? If you have only 1, you might need to add another EV server to increase archiving capability. If you already have more, set all tasks except 1 in report mode, then run the active archiving task. Does that finish? Set normal mode on 2 more tasks, run again. Check again. Enable all tasks, run again.

Also check THIS KB, it has 'kind of' your errors in it.

If this does not help, start from the beginning. Run Deployment Scanner to see if something is missing. Fix whatever that shows, then try again. I have found that sometimes when these kind of items happen, it helps to recreate the archiving task. Set it in report mode, restart it, perform a Run Now. Make sure the belonging MSMQ is empty for that task.When it is, Stop and disable the task. Create a new task, target same Exchange server, use same system mailbox. Verify it's functionality for a few days. When it is ok, remove the old task.

If all that does not work, a support call is in place...


Regards. Gertjan

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Hi Gertjan, 

I never know what to look for in the DTRACE, the DTRACE I took last night from 1 of the server has 6GB. Tonight "Backtrace KB"  

I check the Compatibility Chat I meet every demand.

Our EV Cluster has 3 EV servers (4 Node), with 16 GB of Memory. Each server has only 2 exchange archiving tasks that run at different times, so I only have 1 archiving task running at the same time.

The article "Lie Mode Lock causing the Archiving Task to restart every 10-15 minutes" describe my problem I have all the event with the same message described with the article, but I didn't configure "Closest GC" reg key.

I already did all the other steps you indicate (that for your help delete old MSMQ).

Now that I'm in a supported version, I'm collecting all information and I will call EV Support.

Thank you again for help.

I'll close this discussion with the conclusion of my issue.



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With the help from Veritas support, we applied the following solution:

Change Enterprise Vault Server Outlook To the version Outlook 2013 Sp1 x86

Bypass the Exchange Load Balancer.


Now everything work.



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We have the same issue and now we go back to Outlook 2013 Sp1 x86. There is a massive performance impact when we install Outlook 2016 on our EV servers. Now microsoft has announced, that Office 2013 will reach end-of-life on april 11, 2023.

Anyone here who already tried to archive with an Outlook 2019 / 2021 on the ev server?
Is the performance issue the same?

I think we need a solution for this problem before outlook 2013 gets out of support.