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Archived Items are not restored in spite of the DTrace saying that it was successful

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We are using EV 10.0.4 with Exchange 2013. We have Virtual Vault enabled. We have a situation where in the archived items are not being restored.

We isolated the fact that the item could have been moved from the original location and hence tried restoring an item from the original location itself.

The item would go through the process of retrieval (change of icons) and then turn back to the shortcut itself.

Ran a Dtrace in the background (Client Trace as well as on the server), with the Retrieval Task and Storage Restore. The Dtrace suggests that the restore of the item was successful.

An excerpt of the Dtrace:

12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CClientIdentity::CheckAccess:#501} [VF-ROOT\KavitaR] is requesting permissions [1] on Vault [17FA68A681E82564C84C1B84C26EC1FC41110000evserver01].
1533 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::SetReadLock:#263} [VaultPermCacheLock] WaitForSingleObject on write mutex [0x640] returned [0x0]
1534 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::SetReadLock:#293} [VaultPermCacheLock] WaitForMultipleObjects on thread mutex [0x644], semaphore [0x634] returned [0x0]
1535 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::SetReadLock:#306} [VaultPermCacheLock] we are now reading so no writes allowed
1536 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::ResetReadLock:#190} [VaultPermCacheLock] WaitForSingleObject on [0x644] returned [0x0]
1537 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::ResetReadLock:#220} [VaultPermCacheLock] Released Semaphore, previous count was [99]
1538 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::ResetReadLock:#225} [VaultPermCacheLock] we were the last reader so we are now write ready
1540 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
1541 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
1543 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
1544 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
1545 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::SetWriteLock:#369} [VaultPermCacheLock] WaitForSingleObject on write mutex [0x640] returned [0x0]
1546 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CReadWriteLock::SetWriteLock:#387} [VaultPermCacheLock] WaitForMultipleObjects on thread mutex [0x644], event [0x610] returned [0x0]
1547 12:53:20.478  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CClientIdentity::CheckAccess(vSIDS)} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1548 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CCARestHelper::RetrieveMarkedItems:#290} Calling RestoreItemV35
1549 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CRestorationAgent::RestoreItemV35:#393} Restoring Saveset [201509101912387~201508271244170000~Z~C10CC08984ED6A78A5C1B5BB7A2B2181] Transaction [414D8C47DBA4194592AC706E4A11F791] from Vault [17FA68A681E82564C84C1B84C26EC1FC41110000evserver01]. Retry [0] of [3].
1550 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CStorageRestore::CStorageRestore} (Entry)
1551 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CStorageRestore::CStorageRestore} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1552 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::RestoreItemV35:#437} Allocating a [899] byte buffer for the Agents data...
1553 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::RestoreItemV35:#456} Written [326] bytes of Agents data to buffer so far.
1554 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::RestoreItemV35:#472} Written [283] byte shortcut accessor to buffer: [0x0]
1555 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CRestorationAgent::RestoreItemV35:#486} Passing restore request to Storage Service...
1556 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CStorageRestore::Fetch} (Entry)
1557 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::CQueue} (Entry)
1558 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::CQueue} (Exit)
1559 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:H {CStorageRestore::Fetch}|Fetching saveset.|SavesetID: 201509101912387~201508271244170000~Z~C10CC08984ED6A78A5C1B5BB7A2B2181|VaultID: 17FA68A681E82564C84C1B84C26EC1FC41110000evserver01|TransactionID: 414D8C47DBA4194592AC706E4A11F791|ServiceEntryID: |RestTaskEntryID: 1F0A43A3F8AED0F4E94F4C98ECB7944811012000evserver01|CallerSID: |PSTFile: NULL|RestoreAndDelete: FALSE|PSTFormat: UNICODE|RestoreShortcuts: FALSE|
1561 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
1562 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
1563 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {VaultCoCreateInstanceEx} CLSID [{4EC6FF76-C97A-11D1-90E0-0000F879BE6A}] Server Name [(null)] Used Server Name [(null)] Num of attempts [1] Total elapsed [0.000s] Result [Success  (0)]
1564 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CDirectoryVaultObject::GetAttributeListFromType Unknown type - RetrievalTaskView
1565 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CStorageRestore::Fetch}|Spool Queue is: DIRECT=OS:evapp-arc01\Private$\Enterprise Vault Spool Queue|Create Queue: False
1566 12:53:20.494  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::SetVaultSiteAccount} (Entry)
1567 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CQueue::SetVaultSiteAccount}|Cached SiteId: |Cached StorageEntryId: |SiteID: True|New Entry ID: 1B1A3798240C102499DCE0301C19D2F231d10000evserver01
1569 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
1570 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
1571 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CQueue::SetVaultSiteAccount}|Site Account Details: <Domain_Name>\VSA
1572 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::SetVaultSiteAccount} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1573 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Open} (Entry) Opening queue [DIRECT=OS:<EV Servername>\Private$\Enterprise Vault Spool Queue].
1574 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Entry)
1575 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1576 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Open} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1577 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Entry)
1578 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1580 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
1581 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
1582 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {VaultCoCreateInstanceEx} CLSID [{4EC6FF76-C97A-11D1-90E0-0000F879BE6A}] Server Name [(null)] Used Server Name [(null)] Num of attempts [1] Total elapsed [0.000s] Result [Success  (0)]
1583 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CStorageRestore::Fetch}|Restore Queue: DIRECT=OS:<EV Servername>\Private$\Enterprise Vault Storage Restore
1584 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CStorageRestore::Fetch}|Loading restore parameters to queue: DIRECT=OS:<EV Servername>\Private$\Enterprise Vault Spool Queue
1585 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::CQueue} (Entry)
1586 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::CQueue} (Exit)
1587 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CStorageRestore::Fetch}|Preparing queue: DIRECT=OS:<EV Servername>\Private$\Enterprise Vault Storage Restore|Different queue: True|Init Queue: True
1589 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
1590 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
1591 12:53:20.525  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {VaultCoCreateInstanceEx} CLSID [{4EC6FF76-C97A-11D1-90E0-0000F879BE6A}] Server Name [(null)] Used Server Name [(null)] Num of attempts [1] Total elapsed [0.000s] Result [Success  (0)]
1592 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Open} (Entry) Opening queue [DIRECT=OS:<EVServername>\Private$\Enterprise Vault Storage Restore], format name [DIRECT=OS:<EVServername>\Private$\Enterprise Vault Storage Restore].
1593 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Entry)
1594 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1595 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::Open} (Exit) Status: [Success]
1596 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::~CQueue} (Entry)
1597 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CQueue::~CQueue} (Exit)
1598 12:53:20.541  [3660] (StorageRestore) <6340> EV:L {CSavesetRestore::EstablishJournalRestore} (Entry)
1599 12:53:20.541  [3660] (StorageRestore) <6340> EV:L {CStore::IsOpenVault} (Entry)
1600 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:L {CStorageRestore::Fetch} (Exit) Status: [One or more of the properties passed resulted in a warning, but the function completed.  (0x400e0001)]
1601 12:53:20.541  [3660] (StorageRestore) <6340> EV:L {CStore::IsOpenVault}|Requested: 17FA68A681E82564C84C1B84C26EC1FC41110000evserver01 Current: 1A72FA1667E8936479F56AC137F1800561110000evserver01 Open: False
1602 12:53:20.541  [3660] (StorageRestore) <6340> EV:L {CStore::IsOpenVault} (Exit)
1603 12:53:20.541  [18908] (RetrievalTask) <23212> EV:M {CRestorationAgent::RestoreItemV35:#519} Finished restoring Saveset [201509101912387~201508271244170000~Z~C10CC08984ED6A78A5C1B5BB7A2B2181]: [0x400e0001]

Need help to understand what is going on.


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Hello Batman :)

I am not sure this is going to help, but it is worth a try. I experienced the same more or less.

I restored an item back into the 'restored items' folder, so I know where to find it. It restored succesfully. I restored an item from 2013. I could open the item from the search, so I know it is there.

When looking in Outlook, I did not see the item.

After researching wtf went on, I found that a policy had been applied, setting Outlook in cached mode, and only keeping items for up to 12 months. I changed that to be in 'online mode', and then the item showed.

Apparently, when being in cached mode with only 12 months, the older item, even when restored today, was considered to be older, and did not show.

this might or might not be the case in your situation, but it is worth a check. this was Outlook 2013 x86, against Exchange 2010, with EV11.0.1 CHF2.


Regards. Gertjan

Level 4

Hey GertjanA,

The setting, Outlook in Cached Mode, which is in Outlook 2013 (we are using the same here as well), is a pre-requisite for Vault Cache(VC)/Virtual Vault(VV). And we are using VC/VV.

If I change it, that would nullify the objective of having VC/VV in the environment, would it not? I still have to test the disabling of the Cache Mode in Outlook to see if it matches your experience or not. I did notice that we can set limit of items that will appear should Outlook be in Cached Mode.Will check it out and update this post.

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Cached mode is no longer a requirement :)

On your (top of my head, but here goes) Desktop policy, VaultCache, dropdown advanced (??)  you should see somewhere "require OST". When set to N, you set Outlook in online mode, and still get your VC,



Desktop policy, tab Advanced, dropdown Vault Cache, setting Offline store required = Yes/No

From the Help:

Offline store required (Exchange Vault Cache setting)
Description:  Controls whether Vault Cache can be enabled when no offline store is present.
Users have offline store (OST) files if Outlook Cached Exchange Mode is enabled.
If a user does not have an OST file, Enterprise Vault cannot perform preemptive caching.

If there is no preemptive caching, there is an increased load on Vault Cache content synchronization
for newly archived items. The increased load is only a consideration if the Vault Cache content
strategy is Store all items.
Supported values:
Yes (default). An offline store is required for Vault Cache to be enabled.
No. An offline store is not required for Vault Cache to be enabled.
Legacy name:  OVRequireOfflineStore

Regards. Gertjan

Level 4


I stand corrected.

From what you suggest, it appears that if I need pre-emptive caching, only then would setting "OVRequireOfflineStore" to 'Yes' would be logical else I can set it to 'No' and Vault Cache will still be able to store items in the Cache. The impact being on the Content Synchronization. Right?

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Enable Vault Cache. An initial sync is done, header only.

then items (provided you select to do the all items sync) are synced.

when in sync, and having an OST, the EV client puts items which will be archived directy in the VC files = pre-emptive caching. No OST = no pre-emptive caching.

Regards. Gertjan