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Level 2

  I 'am having  aproblem when opening e-mails that have been archived for more then 2 years the e-mail is retrieved but the attachement does not open.The only way to view the attachment is by select forward the -email which then brings up the attachment.

environment-exchange 2003, windows Vista sp1 workstation.

Can someone please advise.



Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Just to be clear are you stating that when you double click on an item the attachement is not brought back?
Do you get a grey banner on your mail stating that there was an error? If so click on that grey banner and what error do you get
It sounds as though you are being given the shortcut and not the item itself
Do you have a link to the attachment setup in the policy? If so does the link work
Client trace would be handy and some screenshots

Level 3
Are the archived items in primary mailbox or secondary mailbox? If they are from secondary mailbox you need to tick "Allow Scripts in shared Folders" and restart outlook.
For outlook 2003
click on Tools, Options, go to the Other tab, click on the Advanced Options and select "Allow script in shared folders".
For Outlook 2007
On the Tools menu, click Trust Center, Email Security, Under Script in Folders, enable  'Allow script in shared folders'  and click ok and restart outlook.

What is the version of Enterprise Vault and EV client extensions installed on vista?