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Automatic Classification Engine

Level 4
Our company is considering EV as our archive solution. We will need to use the ACE. I have'nt found much information on real world use of this engine. Are any of you using it and if so are there any issues I should be aware of? How easy is the configuration?
Thanks in advance,

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This tool is not difficult to configure and seems to work well. There are two parts to the configuration. Remember that this is use for Journaling.
1.  The agent that runs on the EV server.
2. The ACE server.
The email is passed from the Journal task to the ACE server. The ACE server will inspect the email and tag the email according to predefined or defined policies. The email is passed back to the EV server, archived, then indexed.
The metadata is indexed and also placed in the DVS file if on NTFS.
A test mode exist so you can verify if the ACE server is working correctly.
The documentation is good and should be followed to the letter.
I have tested the pre-defined Social Security and attachment policies and the engine seems to work well.
There is a hotfix for the ACE engine that need to be applied. If a message with a blank subject is placed in the journal queue then this message will not archive and it will place and error message in the event log.
Here is another hotfix that fixes one of the policies.

Level 6
My ID is changes from jimbo1 to jimbo2.
Did my last post answer you questions?
Just an FYI,
There are advanced filters that can be setup on the journal mailbox.
For instance, all messages that pass through the journal mailbox will be scanned by the custom filter. If the message is from a certain party then it can be set to a specific retention level and placed in a separate archive. This can be used in conjunction with ACE.
Jim S.

Level 4
Thanks Jim, the infomation was very helpful.