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Using Automatic Classification Engine with multiple journaling mailboxes

Level 2

We have multiple journal mailboxes on the Exchange server that are managed by 1 journaling task.  The journal mailboxes are for entities in our organization that require various journaling rules.  We are taking a look at ACE and have not been able to determined if we can apply ACE rules to specific journal mailboxes.

Looking for some insight on this subject.


Level 6

What Symantec product are you referring to? I will put your post in the correct forum once I have the information.


I moved this to the Enterprise Vault Forum.


Level 2

Enterprise Vault - Automatic Classification Engine

Level 6

When you enable ACE it is enabled against all Journal Tasks that are running on that Enterprise Vault server. There isn't a per-task or per-mailbox setting for the filter mechanism at this time. I'm not sure if there might be something you can do in terms of the rules that can be defined though I'm thinking it might be a little tricky as there isn't any information in the item about which journal mailbox the item was captured in, but perhaps if you can expand on what exactly you want to achieve I might be able to offer some more advice